Animal Welfare

Animal Support Padang Bai

“Helping the ones with no Voice”

We are a small group of locals and expats working together to help animals that no one cares about – as private individuals – in our spare time. We are not an animal shelter or a rescue center. We help where it is most needed and we do it out of passion. Our most important concern is the sterilization of dogs and cats in Padang Bai to prevent further suffering caused by unwanted animals.
The people here often lack the necessary financial funds. And this is exactly where Animal Support Padang Bai steps in and organizes free sterilization and vaccination days.

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The idea that some lives are worth less is the root of all evil in this world.

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We help where we can, but are not able to cover the costs alone. Urgently needed medication, parasite treatment and sterilization days cost money. The number of animals that each of us has now taken into our homes requires food and vaccinations. Not to mention hospital stays and emergencies. We are on the ground and do everything we can to prevent suffering. If you have a heart for animals and would like to help us continue this important work for those who HAVE NO VOICE, we welcome any contribution.