Rebuilding and maintaining coral reefs

The Livingseas Coral Restoration Project in Padang Bai, Bali

Coral reefs are the rainforests of the sea.

The oceans are home to a wide variety of creatures, but they all have their home in coral reefs. Corals are the basis of life under water. If there are no corals, there are no fish. And coral reefs are more than threatened. Scientists predict


that up to 90% of all coral reefs will disappear by 2050. Time to do something!
And that’s exactly what we did. We packed our gear, got on the boat and started restoring what had been lost over the years: marine ecosystems.


The LIVINGSEAS CORAL RESTORATION PROJECT off the coast of Padang Bai is now the second largest coral reef restoration project of its kind in Indonesia.

As of 12/2023, together with the Coral Restoration Team from Livingseas and with the support of the Livingseas Foundation, we have built up an area of 2,500 m2 of coral reef and are delighted about the return of immense biodiversity to our reef. Recently also with the return of baby sharks!

And that's not all:
If you are interested, you can actively participate in the restoration and planting of the reef during your diving vacation!

Check out our dive packages around the Livingseas Coral Restoration Program and become a part of the Livingseas Coral Restoration Team! Combine fun with a sustainable diving experience.


Plant your own reef star with a personalized bamboo name tag and become part of our reef!

How does it work?
You will get a short introduction to coral planting before we get on the boat and do 2 dives. On the first dive we will show you the rebuilt reef of Livingseas in Baung Penyu.
On the second dive you will plant corals on your own
reef star and give them a second chance at life!

Price          2.000.000 IDR

(incl. reef star, bamboo tag, equipment, lunch)  

Join us on our regular planting and maintenance days in Padang Bai and actively support us in restoring the reef!
After an introduction to the day’s activities and a short briefing on coral planting, we spend the day on the boat and underwater.
Find out about the dates here and become part of our Livingseas Coral Restoration Team!

Dates 2024

Sa, 13./Su, 14. APR 2024 – Sa, 27./Su, 28. APR 2024
Sa, 11./Su, 12. MAI 2024
Sa, 01./Su, 02. JUNI 2024 – Sa, 15./Su, 16. JUNI 2024 – Sa, 29./Su, 30. JUNI 2024
Sa, 13./Su, 14. JULI 2024 – Sa, 27./Su, 28. JULI 2024
Sa, 10./Su, 11. AUG 2024 – Sa, 24./Su, 25. AUG 2024
Sa, 07./Su, 08. SEPT 2024 – Sa, 21./Su, 22. SEPT 2024
Sa, 12./Su, 13. OKT 2024 – Sa, 26./Su, 27. OKT 2024
Sa, 09./Su, 10. NOV 2024 – Sa, 23./Su, 24. NOV 2024  Sa, 07./Su, 08. DEZ 2024 – Sa, 21./Su, 22. DEZ 2024

Price          1.000.000 IDR

(incl. 2 Dives anf lunch. Equipment 200.000 IDR extra)

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