World-class dive sites wait for you here on the island of the gods

Diving off the coast of Bali - Padang Bai

Discover the beauty of the underwater world and dive along steep walls, encounter reef sharks in Tanjung Sari, the majestic manta rays at Manta Point or tropical sunfish (mola mola) in Crystal Bay or Gili Mimpang/Tepekong.
Or you can explore the wreck of the USAT Liberty in Tulamben.
We offer daily excursions to the various dive sites around Padang Bai and Tulamben. On request we also plan trips to Nusa Penida, including Manta Point.

Bali has something for every diver!
Dives Sites

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are spoiled for choice"
Here are some suggestions


  • shallow offshore reef (max. 25 m), small steep wall
  • can be reached in 5 minutes with a traditional outrigger boat
  • large variety and number of nudibranchs, sweetlips, Napoleon wrasse, turtles, crocodile fish, stonefish, octopus, reef sharks and much more
  • Current conditions: light to medium, good conditions for beginners


The Blue Lagoon is a beautiful and easy dive site just a few minutes from the beach and offers some of the best macro diving in Bali. Lots of fish swim around the wall in the north of the bay and fantastic and colorful creatures frolic on the sandy slope next to it. From beginners to professional divers, there is something here for every level of experience.


This beautiful dive site is located at the southern end of the Blue Lagoon.
Due to its open location, currents can occur here, a good chance of seeing schools of fish and reef sharks!
Beautiful coral formations provide shelter for moray eels, sharks, octopus and much more. A dive site where you rarely meet other divers.


With one of the best soft coral gardens in Bali, the shallows of Bias Tugel (just off White Sand Beach in Padang Bai) are covered with some of the largest and most colorful leather corals you’ll ever see! The sloping reef goes down to 50 meters and consists of many large coral blocks that are home to small glass fish and the occasional shark and turtle. If you follow the slope into the depths, you will find several horizontal cracks where there is always something to discover. With a bit of luck and a good eye, you can find pygmy seahorses in the gorgonians at a depth of 20-30 meters.


The Jepun dive site is a little further east than the Blue Lagoon and is suitable for divers of all levels. An artificial reef, including a small shipwreck at a depth of 18 meters, offers both beginners and experienced divers plenty to discover! The shipwreck was sunk in 2008 and is now beautifully overgrown! Very often we encounter stingrays or reef sharks that make themselves comfortable under the shipwreck.
Once you leave the wreck behind you, you dive along an artificial reef in the range of 12 to 16 meters, past beautiful formations where there is a lot to discover: Lionfish, scorpionfish, cuttlefish, batfish, blue-spotted rays, flutefish, ghost moray eels, nudibranchs, seahorses, pegasus and much more.


Before 2019, the Baung Penyu dive site was a sad-looking place underwater, covered in dead coral rubble with no fish. In mid-2019, the Livingseas Coral Restoration Project was launched by Livingseas. Over the past few years, we have installed 3,700 reef stars on the seabed and rebuilt a marine ecosystem! More than 2,600 square meters full of life: Moray eels, turtles, octopuses and squid have found a new home here. Predatory fish are also frequently sighted, which is a sign of a very healthy reef and we have recently welcomed our first baby reef shark to our reef! A MUST for your dive site planning!

Two small rocky islands off the coast of Candi Dasa. Approx. 30 minutes by boat from Padang Bai.


Mimpang is one of our favorite spots, with steep walls on one side and a sloping plateau on the other. The walls of Gili Mimpang are famous for sharks and sunfish (seasonal) as well as schools of fish and turtles. The sloping reef is covered with hundreds of meters of branching coral and is home to millions of fish. To plan your dive in Gili Mimpang, you need to take into account the current conditions and you should already have some experience in drift diving.


Tepekong is bordered on one side by a wall that drops over 60 meters. Sharks and occasionally moonfish can often be found here. There are strong currents at this dive site, depending on the moon phase and tides, so the fish life here is fantastic! But: canyons, breathtaking steep walls with large gorgonians, coral-covered rock formations under water, the colorful variety of tropical fish, sharks, schools of tuna, eagle rays and the chance of seeing moonfish (seasonal) as well as the fascinating view into the blue make every diver’s heart beat faster!


The dives on the north side of Nusa Penida start at a 45-degree reef slope, which extends down to great depths and is hard to beat in terms of its diversity and kilometers of hard and soft corals, sponges and large gorgonians! Find your diving depth and simply let yourself drift with the current. Encounter turtles, rays, water snakes, octopuses and whitetip reef sharks, among others.
Even if the current off Nusa Penida is a little stronger, the dive sites can be dived by experienced divers at any time. The reefs are kilometers long and the current runs parallel to the coast.


The journey to Manta Point alone is worth it! As Bali disappears on the horizon, the spectacular cliffs of Nusa Penida begin. If you cross the channel between Penida and the neighboring island of Lembongan, things can get quite „wild“. On some days, the open Indian Ocean gnaws at Penida’s cliffs with gigantic waves. Once you reach Manta Point, it lies protected from the current behind a rocky headland. Large boulders that have fallen into the water from the cliffs create an interesting underwater landscape in the shallows. The chance of seeing manta rays is high all year round! During the dive you simply stay behind the massive boulders, which act like a magnet for thousands of cleaner fish: the reason why the chance of seeing manta rays is almost 90%! However, you will never be the only divers at Manta Point 😉

The USAT Liberty in Tulamben is the most visited shipwreck in the world. Most of the wrecks are very deep and difficult to access. The USAT Liberty was pushed onto the beach of Tulamben during the Second World War, where it was pushed back into the water when the Gunung Agung volcano erupted in 1963. At a depth of 5 meters you can already see the majestic stern of the boat. The bow lies at a depth of 28 meters and is completely overgrown with coral.

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Our Prices

Our dive prices include 2 dives (Nusa Penida 3 dives) with a maximum group size of four divers,
Snacks, water and coffee on the boat as well as lunch in a cozy beach restaurant after the dive.

Diving on site
Padang Bai

1.500.000 IDR
  • 2 Dives
  • (Rental equipment additional 200,000 IDR, backplate on request)

Candi Dasa
Gili Mimpang
Gili Tepekong

1.800.000 IDR
  • 2 Dives
  • (Rental equipment additional 200,000 IDR, backplate on request)

Nusa Penida
Manta Point

3.000.000 IDR
  • 3 Dives
  • (Rental equipment additional 200,000 IDR, backplate on request)